School Frontiers works in partnership with schools and youth-oriented programs to develop research strategies that are responsive to their core goals and needs. Our expertise in both qualitative and quantitative research methods allows our staff to develop tools and conduct research and analysis that provides targeted information at key decision-making points.

Our Toolbox includes:

Needs Assessment

     •     Determining gaps in current practices and services and identifying appropriate solutions

Data Collection

     •     Document analysis

     •     Observations

     •     Interviews

     •     Focus groups

     •     Surveys (paper, web-based, and phone)

     •     Case studies  

Quantitative Analysis

     •     Large-scale data set analysis

     •     Survey analysis

     •     Test score analysis

Methods used include: analysis of variance, multiple regression analysis, hierarchical linear and nonlinear modeling, structural equation modeling, and randomized control trials.  Results from evaluations are delivered through reports, presentations, and informal discussions with program staff. We work in partnership with our clients to ensure that evaluation results are tailored various audiences as appropriate to suit their needs.